[NTLK] Shirt Poll and Think Diff!!!

From: Christian Matzerath (matze_at_uumail.de)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 10:57:16 EST

Hi there,

I'd like to have a Shirt as well. Preferably black XXL Polo. 2nd choice: =
Black XXL T-Shirt. 3rd: White XXL T-Shirt.

"Ink different", please.

best Matze

P.S. anyone out there who would buy an A2 - "Think different!!!" Poster =
with Bill Gates (or OBL, or the Pope, or...) ;-) (would be selfmade high =
quality)? Just an idea I had when Paul's newtontalk-T-Shirt came up.

Christian Matzerath
Lorettostr. 17 40219 D=FCsseldorf
fon 211 3983313 fix 0170 3136983

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