[NTLK] Re - Recharging

From: Frank Gruendel (Frank_Gruendel_at_t-online.de)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 18:42:04 EST

Marco asked...

> Another newbie question, does it hurt the battery pack using the charger
> in the middle of discharging or after they are fully charged?

Another Marco answered...

> No. Many people talk long and wide about memory effect but I doubt that a
> memory effect can build-up if one uses the Newton a few times a day. Even
> you would leave it connected to the adaptor and not use it at all, it
> switch on each day at 3a.m. for a few minutes and draw between 50...80mA
> current, which is IMHO enough to avoid the memory effect.

The reason for the memory effect is not that you don't use your Newton often
enough, it is that you charge the batteries before they are fully
Due to some physical/chemical effects I'm too lazy to explain at this time
of the day this can lead to reduced capacity.
The good side is that this is a NiCad problem, the MP2x00 has NiMH
Those are supposed to not show the memory effect.
The other good side is that state-of-the-art NiCad batts don't suffer from
memory effect anymore, either. At least this is what www.cadex.com says.
I have no personal experience with this effect as one of the first things I
bought when I started to earn money was buying a sophisticated charger.


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