Re: [NTLK] A little help please with Palm Desktop 2.6

From: emdub (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 05:40:10 EST

On Quinta, Mar=E7o 14, 2002, at 09:09 , David Golden wrote:

> Hiya People -
> I wrote earlier, but I think I expressed my situation poorly, so I'm=20=

> gonna
> try again. I want to be able to export date/ calendar info from Palm=20=

> Desktop
> 2.6 to my MP2100 dates. I'm not talking about true synching back and=20=

> forth,
> just being able to check my schedule as I perform other tasks on my=20
> Newt. I
> was able to copy and export names from my desktop to my Newt ( =
> they
> looked a little out of kilter ), so shouldn't I be able to do =
> similar with dates?
> Dave

Syncing Palm Desktop (Claris Organizer) with dates is very simple if you=20=

can use OS 9(or Classic under X) and NCU. All you have to do is export=20=

the calendar module with Claris Organizer delimeters and then in NCU=20
select Synchronize or Import and choose the file you just exported from=20=



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