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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 15:38:33 EST

On 15/03/02 14:36, "Josh Shanks" <> wrote:

> on 3/15/02 2:10 PM, Laurent Daudelin at
> wrote:
>> Josh,
>> =20
>> I don't remember if I read from one of your previous replies whether or n=
> ot
>> you would need some sort of document for the logo to embroider. Let me kn=
> ow.
>> I can crank up an Illustrator document with the lettering above and under
>> the logo if you want.
> Oh don=B9t worry I have everything for the polos. It looks like Victor
> doesn=B9=
> t
> want to emroider polos so I might just be doing them. So lets figure out
> what colors we are looking for and also what color thread you guys would
> like the newton logo to be. Feel free to email me.
> josh

The Newton "bulb" logo should be yellow. Sorry, I don't have the Pantone
value, but maybe someone would be able to provide it? Then, if the polo is
going to be black, like I would like, the "NewtonTalk" and "Ink Different"
should be red, probably something close to 'insignia red'.

Any comment?


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