Re: [NTLK] RTF driving me crazy

From: Sushi (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 23:30:22 EST

>On 3/13/02 @ 20:09, Jon Glass wrote:
>The problem is that RTF is a moving, growing standard.
>Most RTF-handling apps are stuck back at a prior version
>of RTF, while today, RTF can handle much more than it
>used to. I opened the WEB Bible, which is saved in RTF
>in Word, and it had drop caps! Every other app I opened
>it in showed the drop cap on its own line. Of course,
>these programs are several years old. I think another
>thing to keep in mind is that programs that are more
>"limited" (read less feature bloat) than Word will have
>fewer options available to them. I think that MS kind
>of forgot that RTF was supposed to be a minimilistic
>interchange format, and have taken it way beyond its
>original intent, while everybody else has stuck with
>the original. :-)

This got me thinking -- I know that is dangerous.

I thought the same as Jon, that RTF was to provide a minimalistic
interchange format that could be used between various programs.

Jon, do you know what version of MSFT Word supports the minimalistic RTF

For discussion's sake, let's say that it is MSFT Word 6/95. If so, then
you could then use this older version of Word for RTF type documents.

Whether Mac or PC, you can always import the older Word documents into
the most recent version of Word when you need to.

Another option, if you only need to worry about transfering RTF files
occasionally and prefer to use a more recent version of Word on a daily
basis, would be to do the following steps to create a good (read old
format) RTF document:

1. When your document is completed save as a Word 6/95 document.
2. Open your document using Word 6/95.
3. Edit any corrections that you need to make.
4. Save your document (updated with changes).
5. Then save your document as an RTF document.

Just some ideas...


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