Re: [NTLK] RTF export/import and Newtworks...

From: Darl Singh (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 16:46:03 EST

I had a lot of problems with making books until I discovered that - RTF or
not - word was still inserting 'smart quotes' etc etc into the text.
Under 'tools-options-save' (Word 97), disable 'embed true type fonts' - I've
also disabled everything under 'compatibility options'.
Also 'Tools-Autocorrect-Autoformat as you type" - disable 'replace straight
quotes with smart quotes'.

Sushi's (?) idea of using an earlier version of Word is a good one - issue
on my (Win 98) box however is the 2 don't like playing together.....I've set
up an old 486 sx25/win-3.11/word ?5 (I think) for just this purpose - works
very well indeed.

At least disabling the 'smart stuff' (hah!) may help you with your issue...

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Subject: [NTLK] RTF export/import and Newtworks...

> Hi all.
> Given the recent discussion of RTF, I thought I'd toss my RTF question
> out there.
> I am unable to import RTFs made in AW 6 or Word (both PC and Mac) into
> *works* using NCU

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