Re: [NTLK] Urgent: white backlight experiences

From: Daniel Padilla (
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 12:57:52 EST

> > Yes, it's white too. I bought mine from the spanish branch of RS
> > components. I read too late that you had ordered from beingseen, i would
> > told you about this company. They are made by Seikosha IIRC, and was a big
> > sheet that I had to cut to fit the newton screen.
> Can you give us the part number, if it's too big for the Newton it might be
> ok for the eMate as well.
> (haven't seen a size that's fine for the eMate until now)

    RS sells 60x50 mm and 130x120 mm sheets in white, blue, red, orange,
yellow-green and blue-green. The larger one costs 27.44 Euros.

    Hey Robert, If you want to try, I can order one and install it when I'm in
Holland. I can have them in 24 hours. And the shipping costs would be around 7

    Daniel Padilla

    Ah! the RS number are: blue-green: 267-8778
                                              white: 267-8784
                                              blue: 267-8790
                                              yellow-green: 267-8807
                                              orange: 267-8813
                                              red: 267-8829

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