Re: [NTLK] WaveLan alpha3

From: Simon Roberts (
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 04:38:46 EST

On Montag, M=E4rz 18, 2002, at 09:25 Uhr, Philip Lord wrote:

> So... does 'adhoc' mean that it can only connect from
> one computer to another, or can I connect my newton to
> my basestation and then to the net? I'm a little
> confused.

The alpha 3 release of the driver supports "ad-hoc" connections which are
compatible with the latest releases of Apple's AirPort software as well as
"base station" connections.

In this context "ad-hoc" means that you can establish a Newton to computer
connection. If the other computer has a connection to the Internet and is
running some router software (e.g. IPNetRouter for OS9 or IPNetShareX for
OSX, both from, your Newton will be able to acces=
the Internet. If you are running OS9, you probably will want to run the
AirPort Software Base Station instead as this will be easier to setup.

If you have an Apple AirPort Base Station (or a compatible base station fro=
another manufacturer), you can use the driver to get onto the Internet via
the base station without requiring another computer.

I hope this is clearer now!


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