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Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 16:12:52 EST

on 3/18/02 4:44 PM, James Lopez at wrote:

> Yea, I had downloaded NCKit instead of utilities. Newbie confusion...
> But I must have NCU in order to install pkgst? i understand there are
> some other sync utilities as well. But as far as installation this is
> required...?

Boy, if this isn't material for the FAQ, what is? Surely there is a central
repository of what sync programs are available, and what desktop programs
they sync with? Actually, if it's in the FAQ, I haven't seen it.

I can speak, I think, for the Mac, but know next to nothing, or less, about
Windows, but I shall give it a go here...

On the Window side first (less knowledge--less info)

Using Newton Connection Utilities, you can sync with at least
Schedule Plus (or some iteration of that name) and
Lotus Organizer 2.

I know of no others that sync via NCU.

As for other options on Windows, you can sync with Outlook via

Outlink and

It may still be possible to sync with Act! but I doubt it. There may also be
other options. I sure hope that somebody speaks up here...

On the Mac, using NCU, you have:

Now Contact 3.0 (good luck finding it, but if you have it, great!)
Claris Organizer 2 and (via a wonderful agreement between Apple and Palm),
Palm Desktop up to at least 2.6 (and maybe higher). This last is a bit
complicated, but possible. I've done it at least once.

As for other, non-NCU options, you have

Now Sync which works with Now Contact and Up To Date versions 3.0 through
3.9. It doesn't sync email nor notes, which, for many of us, makes it next
to useless.

For dates-only sync, you have Clockwork.

For names-only sync, you have Newtourage--so saying you also have
Microsoft's Entourage (a part of Office:Mac 2001 and higher)

At the moment, I can't think of any other syncing options under the Mac,
but, as with Windows, I hope that somebody else speaks up here.

There are a couple of other options for getting data into and out of the
Newton. I will mention a couple:

X-Port, Sloup, both are strictly in/out operations, and other twists.

Revelar Connection Utilities still works for Mac (with OS 9 and above,
increase memory to 15000 or higher to get it to launch). Its functionality
more closely resembles that of NCK, allowing you to actually browse the data
on your Newton, and modify it--all from your Mac. With NCK, you would sync
your Newton with the NCK desktop file, and browse that file. With RCU, you
browse the Newton. It has some hooks to third-party software, and
presumably, if you knew how, you could write your own. :-)

Again, there may be other options out there. I hope somebody speaks up.

I promise that whatever comes in--whether it be Windows or Mac, I will add
it all to a file, and try to make it semi-organized, and pass it on to
whoever needs it. I also promise to do this _only_ if this is not somewhere
else readily accessible. :-) So, if you know of any other sources for
input/output/syncing, please post them on the list so we can get this all in
one place.

(thinking to himself--surely someobody has done this before--but how come I
don't know about it...) :-)

Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.

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