Re: [NTLK] Hidden Packages?

From: John Skinner (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 01:19:57 EST

On 3/18/02 11:36 PM, "Peter Cameron" <> wrote:

> on 3/18/02 11:54 PM, Jacob Fisher at wrote:
>> beaming it over. I just found my Moto CELLect card and I have downloaded
>> the drivers, but once it is installed on the 130 it disappears. I have
>> tried about a half dozen different package apps, but none can find it.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated.
> Look at Preferences --> Modem and you should be able to find Cellect as
> one (or two if you installed both landline and cell options) in the popup.
> Peter

Hey Peter,

I think that he means, where can he find the packages on the Newton, so he
can beem them to his 2nd Newton.

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