[NTLK] [OT] New Sony Palm OS device...

From: Sushi (Sushi_at_ragingbull.com)
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 09:54:55 EST


It's times like this that I get so frustrated with Apple, and their
cancelling of the Newt.

Sony is set to introduce a new Palm OS device soon.

Here is the URL:


Some specs for ya:
- Processor: Dragonball @ 66Mhz
  (Currently the fastest is 33Mhz)
- 320x480 screen with 65K color
- 16MB DRAM, 10MB Flash
- USB cradle

Looks like it has a built in camera (low res). Can play MP3's. Can play
videos (not sure of the format).

Unusual design for sure. Allows use of a floating Grafitti area and/or

With new Palm devices like the Treo from Handspring and one's like this
from Sony, it looks like the Palm OS is still going good places.

Yep, I can see Apple's current Newt being small like this, and powerful.
By now, I am sure that the Newt would have a 640x480 (twice the Newt 2K
screens) or maybe even an 800x600. And of course it would play MP3's,
QT/WMP videos, etc.

Sure wish that SJ would surprise us all and introduce a new Palm type

Okay, I've done enough dreaming for one night.

Time to bang my head against the wall! :-o ;-)


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