Re: [NTLK] EZ2VGA No longer works...

From: Sushi (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 10:59:13 EST

>On 3/20/02 @ 0:21, David Abramowit wrote:
>Hmm...I've got the EZ2VGA card cabled into a switch box,
>where I've had it for a long time now. When I try to put
>the Newt's screen on the monitor, nothing happens. The
>buttons on the EZPresenter interface work fine (for
>displaying the Newt's screen), but nothing shows up on
>the monitor. Any suggestions? I've tried using a
>different input on the switch box, but to no avail. Maybe
>a new cable? I've also tried resetting the Newt (u2000).

Since it did work, and now it doesn't, it reminds me of when I was beta
testing Point Pro a few years ago.

It would work, then all of a sudden quit working (EZ2VGA that is). Point
Pro would continue to work but I could not get anything to show on the

What I found best for me, was to do hard reset on the Newt and reinstall
both EZ2VGA and Point Pro software from the originals. Luckily I didn't
have to resort to this often.

I am sure that there are some trouble shooting methods as well that
others may be able to offer.

Good luck.


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