Re: [NTLK] GPSmap maps (was [ANN] Holland maps)

From: Simon Roberts (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 05:03:10 EST

on 20.03.2002 9:08, Marco Mailand at wrote:

>> If not, lets create one (unna perhaps?).
> Yes if possible! And let's make clear that everybody please contributes all
> what is necessary to recompile his work later. So not only the compiled pkgs
> but the sources too.
>> I can contribute a rather crude Berlin map which I made a few years ago.
> This map I would have needed one year ago. Does it work with GPSmap and did
> you check the calibration?

Yes it does work with GPSmap and I did check the calibration. I remember it
was quite tricky to get the lattitude/longitude reference correct because
different map sources use different reference points! I tested it by driving
around with my Garmin III connected to my MP2100. It mostly showed that I
was on the side of the street that I expected to be on!

As I said, it is rather crude (i.e. not much detail). It contains details
only for the areas of Lichtenrade (where I live) and Wedding (where I used
to work). Some other parts of Berlin are also present but with only major
streets shown.

I still have the sources. This particular map is not very large (compressed
sources 2.1 MB) but obviously other maps could be much larger. Is that too
much for UNNA? If not, then I would suggest that we submit our maps to UNNA
rather than starting another repository of Newton stuff somewhere else.



Simon Roberts
Berlin, Germany

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