Re: [NTLK] URGENT!!!! All Read This Is Freaky!!!!

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 11:09:02 EST

The very very FIRST:

remove all cards and perform a deep reset (Brain wipe)(You did not tell
which Newt you have)
Your Newt should then come back to a normal status showing the internal Apps
in the internal storage (they cannot be moved, they are in ROM!)

If this was successful, open the prefs panel from settings and insert one of
the 32MB cards, this will give you the possibility to erase and format the
card completely - DO IT!

If all this was successful transfer back your data and install step by step
all you had installed before.

This is the method I would suggest and use myself.
I got a 32MB card as well and the way I did the transfer was successful and
as follows:
1) backup the old (smaller)card completely
2) insert the new card, format it, give it the same name as the old one had
3) restore the data from your backup to the new card

Good Luck!

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> THE APOLOGY: Sorry about the title but I needed everyone's
> attention on this.THE STORY: When I purchased my 2 32MB cards
> for considerable less than what they were going for two months
> ago, to say that I was estatic is a major understatement.
> Finally, I would no longer have to keep packages on my zip disk
> because my 16MB and puny 8MB cards were bursting at the seams.
> The cards came last night and against my better judgement I
> immediately began transferring everything off my 16MB onto the
> 32MB.... SIDE NOTE: If you ever have a little voice in the back
> of your head telling you something...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD-LISTEN
> TO IT!!!!CONTINUING....Well toning down the drama and length a
> bit, I was right in the middle of transferring packages in the
> extension folder when little Newtie suddenly reset itself.
> Although I was annoyed I did nnot think anything serious of it.
> I assumed that I had tried to move a package that was in
> operation and Newton reset to be safe. Well after it finished
> the start-up, I opened the extras drawer to continue the
> Somewhere in the reset Newtie apparently got confused on just
> what I was trying to transfer and so decided to tranfer
> EVERYTHING!!! Yes it also dumped the entire OS-everything that
> wasn't soldered to the board- including the Extra App on the 32MB
> card. And it gets worse.THE WORST: Now Newton thinks that the
> 32MB Card IS the internal store, so now I can't move the
> "Built-in" apps back on to the REAL internal store. But that's
> not all. All the built-in apps say that they ARE on the internal
> store when I look at them with the Extras app. But they are not,
> but they refuse to move back on the REAL internal store. If I
> take out the card and reboot the only thing that shows up is an
> empty sidebar and the Notes app as backdrop, and I can't access
> anything. But that is what is even more strange, because that
> means that the Notes IS on the internal store, but like the other
> Built-ins it ony shows up as on the 32MB store and nothing on
> internal. And the memory reading from Extras and Dashboard both
> indicate that nothing is on the internal. MY ANALYSIS: From what
> I gather from tweeking since last night the culprit is none other
> than: DASHBOARD!I am figuring that the "powerful" app was a
> little too powerful. I am not entirely sure but I think I was
> moving something related to DASH when it resetted and apparently
> it took everybody with it. THE DISCLAIMER: I am not actually
> accussing Dashboard (the lovable, although not so venerable
> sideboard replacement) or FiveSpeed of screwing up my poor
> Newtie. I decided to contact the list first to see if more
> knowledge persons confirmed my suspicions before I went to
> FiveSpeed and asked for some kinda patch.CONCLUSION: Right now it
> is not THAT big of a problem as long as I keep the card in, which
> I planned to do anyway. I would just like to have Newtie working
> PROPERLY not just working. I would like to thank in advance all
> those who will contribute to this thread and if possible, help to
> solve my problem.
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