[NTLK] Accessing AppleTalk through Darwin

From: James Witte (jswitte_at_bloomington.in.us)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 16:41:22 EST

> > AppleTalk ADSP Tool is required for NCU to work with AppleTalk over
> > Ethernet...

  Are the requisite Appletalk drivers in Darwin to alow Carbon/Cocoa
programs to access ATalk from OS X natively? A long term project of mine
is to develop a replacement for NTK for OS X- or the parts I can do
wihtout secret info on the Inspector protocol, and of course that @!$#%
DES-challenge in the Dock - is it built into the Toolkit as well?

  If there wasn't a Darwin driver for ATalk, We'd have to come up with a
new protocol, probably based on HTTP or TCP itself (anyone know how
"chatty" the HTTP protocol is when just sending blocks of binary data?)
This would leave people without Ethernet in the cold, unless a
Ethernet-to-serial hardware interface were made (doable, but complicated
by the massively different data rates). If a is a driver for ATalk, then
it could be used, and being open-source, if Apple ever decides to drop the
driver from the core darwin, we could probably wrangle permission to just
distribute the kext(s) needed.

  Preliminary question for the NTK-copycat project: How many people on
the list are on OSX now? I could do the front end in Cocoa or Carbon. In
Cocoa, I'm thinking that the "GUI building" part of the front-end might be
easier because I could just dynamcaly build up an NSView on screen, and
position buttons, sliders, text fields, etc where they need to go, and
then the algorithms that would save the data and boil it down to bytecode
might be able to just "walk" that NSView and all it's children.

  This has the disadvantage as it doesn't make the "GUI datastructure"
platform independent as would be nice (a front-end written in Cocoa, MFC
(Uugh!), Qt; a middle end probably in C++ or Obj-C, and the back-end which
would write out files, and implement that packer(s).


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