Re: [NTLK] [OT] The Good Old Days... (was eMates, 130s, 2100s, ...)

From: Sushi (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 10:27:06 EST

>On 3/21/02 @ 23:16, Eric L. Strobel wrote:
>And the more leisurely pace of having to wait for
>your TV to "warm up".

Yep. We could receive one station, on a good night.

And if you wanted to watch a TV show at 8PM, you better turn the TV no
later than 7:30 to give it 30 minutes to warm up.

Remember the green dot when you turned those old TV's on? Very
interesting startup/warmup process.

Of course once you got it warmed up, everything looked so good in black
and white -- as if we had a choice. :-o

>And all the stuff we're drooling over today will seem
>just as quaint in another 40 years or so...

Now that is a scary thought, isn't it! :-)

Right now I can buy 2 512MB CF cards. Cost is about $500-600. No moving
parts and they will fit in my hand.

I've heard that there are 1GB CF cards available, but haven't seen any.
Not the IBM Micro drives, but rather solid state.

When I purchased my 840av in 1993, it had the largest SCSI HD available
at the time. A 1GB 3.5 inch HD. Cost was around $1,200. Of course it
had moving parts and it didn't fit in my hand by a long shot.

While I am on the subject, that 1GB CF card, if made out of ENIAC memory,
would be about a 300 feet by 300 feet by 35 feet. Kind of hard to put in
your pocket! :-D

...and can you imagine the power requirements? Yikes! I sure wouldn't
want to pay the electric bill!


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