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From: Hal Widlansky (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 13:53:06 EST

John Goggan wrote:

> "William R. Dickson" wrote:
> > I don't think Jobs cared about the Apple II; the Lisa/Mac was his pet
> > project.
> But I thought that there was always talk that Scully killed something of Jobs
> and that was related to Jobs later killing Scully's Newton -- kind of an ego
> thing? If that is the case, then what was it that Scully killed of Jobs?
> Couldn't be the Lisa, eh?
> Or is that rumor completely inaccurate? I just always thought that Scully
> immediately killed something of Jobs -- and then, when back, Jobs killed
> something of Scully's (the Newton line)?
> - John...

From what I've gathered, the Apple II was completely unrelated. Jobs wasn't
involved in that after he started work on the Lisa except to "borrow" engineers
for his projects. Scully did run Jobs out when Jobs attempted a boardroom coup,
so that's more likely the source of the bad feelings. When later asked about the
Jobs/Scully issue, Jobs replied "I hired the wrong guy" implying that in
retrospect, he didn't think Scully was the right guy to run Apple at all.

Anyway, it seems to me that his killing of the Newton was more a part of his
(successful) attempt so simplify Apple's product offering and streamline the
market presence, moves that helped move Apple back into profitability.

Just my $0.02.


p.s. I'm back to the list after a 6 month hiatus to get married and get my life
back on track. Now I just need to get my newt back up and running. :-)

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