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From: Philip Katz (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 22:02:39 EST

On 3/21/02 8:48 PM, "Jeff Abbott" <> wrote:

> I haven't yet purchased a Newton, but have been very impressed with the
> knowledge on this group. I'm a writer and am thinking of getting a
> Newton for the following daily chores:
> --calendar
> --contacts
> --to do lists
> --note taking (probably the heaviest use)/brainstorming
> --connecting to both a PC and a Mac
> My question, which I couldn't find addressed on the FAQ, is whether I
> can get by at that usage level with an MP 130 or if I should go the
> 2000/2100 route. I realize a decision like this is very personal, but
> there's still a good price gap between the models.
> If I'm not checking email, surfing the web, etc. do I need the power of
> the 2100? Are MP 130 accessories/parts far scarcer than those for
> 2100s? Opinions appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Abbott
I would go with a 2100. From what I've seen, they are going pretty cheap
now on ebay. It also seems that almost all the accessories on sale are for
them. I haven't used a 130, but I've heard that the handwriting recognition
on the 2100 is much better than that of a 130. I'm not sure if you can
connect to a PC with a 130, but it is easy with a 2100 (you can also use
ethernet on a 2100). Another thing to think about is batteries. The 2100
needs a special tray to use AA's. The 130 uses AA's natively.

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