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Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 02:04:14 EST

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> Hello,
> I'm having some problems with my MP2100. Occasionally, my Newton will lock up
> hard (and I mean real hard, as in not even the reset button on the back works,
> I have to reboot it by pulling out all the power sources. I have done multiple
> brain wipes, but it still persists. The only additional hardware I have is 2
> 32MB pretec cards, hayes optima 33.6 and 3com 3C589D-TP. The only packages I
> have installed internally are EnRoute 1.4.3, LunaSuite 2.1Bc350, NIE 2.0 +
> drivers and some printer drivers (SW4500 SW6500)
> If the list needs what I have on the card, I'll post it to my web page (I
> think I have 150+ packages on one card, the other card is devoted to Japanese
> Input stuff). But the problem occurs (less frequently) with both cards out
> Maybe it's a hardware problem (Broken DRAM? I hope not!) but I hope no!
> Any ideas?

Like someone else suggested, get rid of LunaSuite. You don't really need
this. Then, if I was you, I would use only the absolute essential packages
and wouldn't mount a card with over 150 packages and I would try to use my
Newton with a basic setup for a while. You do know that every package that
is activated execute some code, right? Now, if you "brain wipe" your Newton
and then restore a full backup, you're not helping yourself because you
might well be restoring the error too. Try to restore only the basic stuff,
Notes, Dates and the likes.


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