Re: [NTLK] MP2000/2100 220 Mhz Upgrade Service

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 10:59:48 EST

on 23/03/02 03:27, Robert Benschop at wrote:

> on 22-03-2002 2:17, Ferdi Ozguner at wrote:
>> I have paid a visit to pixsolutions website and they charge 160 US$ for their
>> speed implant which is effectively the same as what i would be offering.
> Would it ?
> Are you offering an implant Ferdi or an overclock ?
> From the way that you describe it it sounds like an overclock and I don't
> think that it's fair to say that that's the same as what Pixsolution
> provides.

Hmmm, isn't what actually Pixsolution is offering? Or are they providing a
new processor that is clocked for faster speed? I don't think so. The
difference in the Pixsolution kit is tne sophisticated way to turn the
accelerator on or off, but, other than that, I think they're just offering a
faster crystal so that effectively overclock the actual processor.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, of course!


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