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Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 15:06:26 EST

Here is all the information and URLs that I have. I picked this up from
a post by
Walter R Basil, who gives credit to Paul Guyot. I have never tried this
personally, but I kept it in my "archives" since I was moving back to
Newton from a Palm myself. (I actually did not use this. I loaded my
address book from my old Newton (on a backup card) and made the needed
modifications.) Those with more experience on this list will help, I'm
sure ....

> This document is intended for those who are new to Newton, and want to
> how to synchronize their
> Newton with Macintosh Palm Desktop. It is a step-by-step process that
> guarantees productivity, unless
> something is not working properly.
> Here is a list of items you will need:
> A working Newton.
> Macintosh Computer.
> Bag of David Sunflower Seeds (optional).
> 8 pin mini din serial cable (printer cable).
> Serial to USB adapter (if you don't have the old type serial connector
> your Macintosh). I used the Belkin
> brand.
> Norton Connection Utilities (hereafter referred to as NCU).
> Here is a list of manuals of interest:
> 1. Apple Message Pad Handbook
> with its update:
> 2. Newton OS2 (the operating system of the Newton device):
> 3. You may also want to read the documentation about cables:
> DF
> Step 1 - Getting and Installing the Software
> You can download NCU from here:
> es/ I had to right [or control]
> click on the link called "NCU 1.0 Installer For Mac" that this page
> and choose "download link to
> disk"."
> You can download the Palm Desktop (formerly Claris Organizer) from
> Install both software packages, unless of course you are already using
> Desktop for a Personal
> Information Program (PIM), in which case, you are one step ahead of
the game
> here.
> Step 2 - Preparing Your Palm Desktop
> If you have not used Palm Desktop prior to this, then you can skip
this step
> and move on to step 3.
> This step is for users who already use Palm Desktop. This is a crucial
> in the process if you want to import
> your existing Palm Desktop database into your Newton.
> What you need to do is called a Merge, and you do it from within Palm
> Desktop. Open your Palm Desktop, and
> select "Merge" from the "File" menu. In the next box that appears you
> have to navigate your way to the
> "Newton Connection Utilities/IntelliLink/Organizer2.0 file. Select the
> "Organizer 2.0" file and choose "Open."
> Palm Desktop will then tell you how many items were merged. Quit the
> Desktop.
> To find out more about Merge, you can look it up in the Help file of
> Desktop. In a nutshell, it allows you to
> maintain two separate user data files containing the same information.
> Step 3 - Preparing Your NCU
> Open your NCU program. It will open and you will notice that most
options are
> all grayed out. This is normal.
> Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu. In the Preferences box,
select the
> port that the Newton will be
> connected to, and select "OK."
> Step 4 - Making the Connection
> Connect the Newton to the Macintosh.
> Turn on the Newton.
> Tap the "Extras" button on the Newton. A tab looking divider comes up
on the
> Newton screen, and in the tab
> should be the words "All Icons." If anything else is written in that
> then tap on it, and select "All Icons"
> from the list that appears.
> On the Newton, tap on the "Connection" icon.
> Ensure that it says "Connect via Serial" in the next slip that
appears. If
> not, tap on it and select it from the list.
> On the Newton, tap on the "connect" button. A status bar will appear
on the
> screen, showing its attempt to
> connect with the Macintosh. Once the connection is made, you will see
the NCU
> program "come to life."
> On the Macintosh, hit the "Synchronize" button in the NCU window. That
> open up the next window,
> where you will select what modules on the Newton will synchronize with
> PIM on your desktop.
> Select each of the four modules (names, dates, notes, and to do),
> the Organizer 2.0 file
> contained within your Newton Connection Utilities/IntelliLink folder
as the
> data file to be synchronized
> with. When you are finished with all four modules, select "OK" and your
> Newton will synchronize itself
> with your Palm Desktop.
> If you did not already use the Palm Desktop software prior to this,
then I
> suggest you double click on the
> Organizer 2.0 file, and when it asks you which program to open it with,
> choose the Palm Desktop. After that,
> when you use Palm Desktop, it will automatically use that file for
your data
> file.
> That is all there is to it. Now, you can add/update items in your
Newton or
> Palm Desktop, and when you hit the
> synchronize button, the other will be updated also.
> Many thanks go out to Paul Guyot for his patience in guiding me
through my
> Newton quest, and for providing
> most of the links in this document.
> I hope this document could be of some use to you!
> Walter R Basil

On Sunday, March 24, 2002, at 09:36 AM, phil toledano wrote:

> sorry about the last email!
> so i just bought a newton 2100-does anyone know how i
> can transfer the contents of my palm desktop to the
> newton?
> thanks very much
> phil
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