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Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 18:23:01 EST

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>Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:53:23 -0500 (EST)
>From: Victor Rehorst <>
>Subject: Re: [NTLK] Replace speaker?
>If the impedence was the same and it was rated for the same or similar
>wattage as the Newton's amp, then there's no reason you couldn't.

Cool. I did a little research. I can't find any reference to the Newton's
speaker and amplifier specs so if anybody has any leads I'd appreciate it.

Rat Shack has a few micro speakers:

These are 30mm diameter and have frequency response of 500-12Khz -- I need
to measure the Newt speaker to see how big it is. It might be smaller than
that. They have a 20mm one also but the frequency response is 0-5Khz, so it
probably wouldn't sound any better than the built-in one.

Then there's Digikey. The have several "micro speakers" listed at:

including one 20mm Panasonic with "Full Range" frequency, whatever that is.
Sounds promising....

>An even cooler idea might be to replace the speaker with a slightly smaler
>unit, cut a little bit out of the case and install a headphone jack that
>would cut out the speaker once plugged in... meaning you could use
>headphones without using the dongle..

Daniel Padilla's web site shows how he easily wired a headphone jack in
series with the Newton speaker. Looks like it could be done fairly simply.
The only thing I worry about is how to mount the jack internally. Also, how
do you drill a hole in the Newton's case cleanly?

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