Re: [NTLK] Error -48809

From: Betty (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 01:33:34 EST

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 Laurent Daudelin wrote:

on 24/03/02 21:00, Betty at wrote:

> I have a problem with Notion. I've been trying to figure out how it works so
> maybe this is obvious to everyone. When I browse the templates and try to
> create a list, I get a message that a problem has occurred (-48809). Is there
> something I'm missing? Am I supposed to buy it? I couldn't find any payment
> info-seems a little too fancy to be free. However, it's not worth anything if
> it doesn't work.

Works fine for me. What version did you try? Are you sure you did install
all packages, preferably on the same store?


Hi Laurent,

I grabbed the copy of Notion off of Unna. I installed the Notion package, browse, converge, and manage packages then all the templates in that order. Everything is on my external card, although, the storage icons are appearing on the internal store.

I tried doing this twice and got the same error when trying to create a new list from the browse dialog.

Is there something else I should try?



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