Re: [NTLK] Replace speaker?

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 02:45:48 EST

In principle you are right, it is easy to replace the speaker.
The original speaker has an impedance of 8 Ohms, that means any speaker
providing 8 Ohms can be driven from the Newt.
But I would not really expect a much better sound quality, since first the
size of the speaker is one of the limiting factors and would not change and
second the sound quality is determined by the sampling rate of the audio
signals. The maximum sample rate our Newt can handle is 5 kSa/sec. Compared
with the sample rate of 128 kSa/sec you are used to have for MP3 CD quality
audio - 5 kSa are rather poor and limiting the sound quality in the first


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> Hi gang.
> I was DEEP inside my MP2100 last night trying to clean the touchscreen
> contacts to eliminate my JAGGIES. It's too early to tell if I've
> cured the
> problem or not yet -- I'll have to keep experimenting for a few
> days before
> I'll be willing to declare victory. (Note to newbies: it took me about 3
> hours! I hope now that I know what I'm doing the next attempt
> will be much
> faster!)
> However, while I was in there I realized how easy it is to detatch the
> built-in speaker. A thought occurred to me: would it be possible
> to replace
> this speaker with a better sounding one that will still fit in
> the alloted
> space? Has anybody ever attempted such a feat? Does such a thing
> even exist
> as a teeny-tiny speaker with better sound than the one Apple put
> in there?
> Any electrical compatibility issues one would need to work out?
> The idea is
> tempting... am I just dreaming?
> -Jeremy
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