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From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 18:41:52 EST

Am 26.3.2002 22:01 Uhr schrieb "Vladimir Alexiev" unter
> Disagree somewhat: I saved a 3.5min file at 22kHz 64kbps and it went to
> 1.7Mb (MP3, haven't yet been able to transfer/soupize it). This means about
> 22 songs. And I think I can go to even lower bandwidths without worsening
> the quality too much.
I agree with you because I found the same w/ 8kHz, mono and 64kbps. The
Newton audio is bad enough to hide the bad MP3 quality. And you will be able
to squeeze more songs on the card. BUT there's a general disadvantage buried
also in the whole iPod thing: In order to get songs to some player I need a
source. That is normally some GB hard disc space with all the songs on it in
any good or possibly excellent sampling rate, HD space is cheap. If it comes
to exporting to an external player suddenly the requirement is to compress
the data with the consequence of a long conversion run and having each song
two times stored and waste another few GB for the lower quality data. Upon
exporting the data get doubled again and finally there are three copies of
the same crap and only because there was no portable player with enough
capacity. The iPod is no improvement at all because I need the computer to
get the songs onto it and I can't, if I understood this right, get the songs
transferred back to the computer. The iPod thus requires to double the data
w/o the advantage to e.g. Use the iPod copy as backup of the computer data
or as transportation medium to another iTuned Mac.

I like my solution more: 200 songs per CDRW and directly playable on a
dedicated MP3-CD-player.

> But I agree that any MP3 Newton solution involving extra hardware is
> overkill.
If the whole music archive of say 1000 songs including the audio amp would
fit in the 1x1x1cm^3 space behind the DongleKiller door and seamlessly
integrate with MadMax :-) why not! Probably is the standard 3.5mm earphone
plug to big...

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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