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Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 02:17:37 EST

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> So for example, when MAD Max/MAD Newton plays a MP3 stream encoded at
> 22Khz, 24Kbps mono, the program (or the Newton sound hardware) is really
> downsampling it to 5kbps? Do I read this right?

At this point I was wrong: I was not aware that MAD Newton is capable of
playing 24kbps mono streams, But still, compared to 48kbps CD quality this
is still poor. But most probably it will improve the sound much more if you
connect a headphone.

> I'm not expecting anything stellar here. If I want good sounding
> MP3s I'll
> buy an iPod. I just think it's neat that with the Newton + Ethernet,
> HTTPlib, MAD Max and Mad Newton I can play MP3 streams off the
> 'net with no
> additonal hardware required. I just wonder if there isn't room for
> improvement with the speaker itself. It's easy enough to try once
> I find a
> speaker that'll fit. The theory is interesting, but it's so easy to
> experiment I think I'll just try it and see what the results are!

Just try it and have fun! I am curious to read what results you could

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