Re: [NTLK] NCU Port?

From: David Abramowitz (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 08:44:06 EST

Newt and PB are fed from the same router, and they both have 192.168.253.x
addresses (Newt is 110 and PB is 100). PB gets its address from the Gatelock
(firewall/router/DHCP), and since Newt can't I give it a fixed IP in the
Internet Setup. But AFAIK the Dock app does not use the Internet Setups,

I also continue to have an issue getting NewtFTP to connect to the PB (which
has FTP checked in Sharing). This also does not work. I even tried
configuring the Gatelock box to route all port 21 (FTP) traffic to the PB -
no success.

At this point, NCU is much more important to me, so I'd really like to get
it going.


On 3/26/02 5:41 PM, "Simon Roberts" <> wrote:

> on 26.03.2002 23:06, David Abramowitz at wrote:
>> Interesting. I tried telling the firewall to route all 49252 traffic to my
>> PowerBook, where NCU is running, but still no dice. Damn.
> Ummm. I think that I am right in saying that NCU over Ethernet is going to
> be using AppleTalk and not TCP/IP. Now, I don't know enough about AppleTalk
> (actually I know nothing about AppleTalk!) to know whether it has something
> equivalent to TCP/IP ports. However, it is likely that your firewall's idea
> of what a port is is very much something that is specific to IP.
> Are your PowerBook and Newton the same side of the firewall? If not, why
> not? If they are on the same side of the firewall, are they on different
> subnets? If so, then you might have a router problem. You will need to get
> your router to route the AppleTalk protocol. Some do not do this by default.
> Simon
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> Simon Roberts
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