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> Welcome to the list,
> you finally got the right connection.
> 1) NCU you will find on Unna, check out for slowdown.exe to make it more
> stable on your PC.
> For the cable you may ask the list or just search Ebay.
> 2) I do not know if there is any specialised software for the finance
> business, but the equations you need to solve should be able to be processed
> on a scientific calculator, for which you will find several packages on
> Unna.
> 3) The documentation you should find on Unna as well.
> Enjoy!
> Johannes
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>> Dear Newtonians
>> Just joined the list after buying my first Newton. Its a messagepad 2000
>> without anything except a stylus. I have a few questions. Please forgive
>> the newbie questions. Perhaps there is a web site somewhere that explains
>> all these things.


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Welcome to the Newt!!

In case you signed onto the list just AFTER the recent monthly 'resources
for answering questions' posting -- many people have good success by just
throwing terms at Google; the Newton FAQ link appears below; and at the
NewtonTalk link, you can get to a searchable archive of this list. My
mention of this in no way is intended to keep you from asking questions, but
rather to help you shorten your own learning curve. And if you find you
don't even know what it is you need to ask, you'll find plenty of helpful
folks on the list. We were all there at one point, and truth be told,
except for an exceptional few, we probably are STILL there on one topic or

(Perhaps the link to UNNA should also appear in the list of URLs at the
bottom of each list message?!)

- Eric.


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