Re: [NTLK] A couple of questions

From: Mick Ring (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 16:38:59 EST

on 3/28/02 12:52 PM, Jon Glass at wrote:

>> 2) After installing a few packages and moving some things to my storage
>> card, I now have a problem with a package I tried to delete. When I try to
>> restart, my Newton hangs while trying to activate it. When I view it in
>> Extras list view, it is just a blank spot in the list. In icon view, it is
>> visible, but I cannot do anything to it like move or delete it.
> Do a soft reset on your Newton. When it starts, hold the stylus on the
> screen, about half-way down and in a tiny fraction of an inch from the left
> edge of the screen. Press down on the stylus until you get a message asking
> if you want to activate packages on the internal store. Answer no, and
> repeat holding down the stylus until you get the same message for your card.
> Once the startup process is over, open your extras, and delete the package.
> I would suggest doing this in overview mode, so you can use the check box,
> and not risk activating the package by accident. :-) I hope this information
> is clear enough. Oh, if you don't get the message, do a soft reset again,
> and move the stylus a little bit, and repeat until you get it to work.

I'm sorry - I should have been clearer. I had already done the restart
without activating the extension. That's the only way I could get to Extras.

As I said before, I can't delete the package either with the check box or by
scribbling it. Attempting to click on the Envelope icon while the item is
selected results in an error message (-10011).



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