[NTLK] Jaggies/contact cleaning take two

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (jbond_at_eskimo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 16:44:19 EST

To Marco and anyone else who has cured jaggies by cleaning the touchscreen

I tried it a few days ago, and the Jaggies seemed to dissapear for a few
days, but now they're back, and maybe even worse than before. It's so hard
to make objective observations of Jaggies frequencies...

Anyway, I'm going to dig in again tonight and try it all over again. What
should I clean the contacts with? Last time I used tape head cleaner.
Should I use alcohol? Water?

I've figured out how to open the Newt and get at the contacts -- now I just
need some tips on how exactly to clean them, and any other useful advise on
the process.



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