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Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 06:07:55 EST

Am 31.3.2002 12:00 Uhr schrieb "Kent Jonsson" unter <>:
> An update: a serial Pccard connected to the GPS works, the internal serial
> port does not. Although I can install .pkg with the internal port.
Did you explicitly select the serial port as port? I use only this to hook
up the GPS and it works perfectly.
> Now the problem to get maps...
Welcome to the club! The map making is possible, although one has to read
the manual twice, better thrice. The biggest problem there is to get good
maps with fine enough LON/LAT lines and scan them properly. I had a company
doing this for me with a A0-scanner and got stuck later with that huge 80MB
TIFF file. It choked my Mac at home (only 256MB RAM) and it needed a two
Pentium LINUX machine with 1GB RAM to get in a first step the resolution
down. All later processing was done on my Mac at home but then 128MB where
sufficient. My advice here: Avoid large TIFF's exept you've got suitable
computers to get the maps smaller.
Another good source of maps is Route planning programs. Some of them include
a feature to use GPS and draw LON/LAT lines. I made a map with such a
program using the Macintosh screen copy into PICT files (CMD-SHIFT-3) and
got a nice map of UK including Scotland and EIRE.

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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