[NTLK] Newton not working

From: Allan Ngaparu (angaparu_at_optusnet.com.au)
Date: Fri Jul 04 2003 - 04:37:36 PDT

Gidday and greetings to you all,
I have just purchased my first Newton, a 2000 which arrived in good working order from the US.. However I was investigating its batteries and tray and pulled it out and put it back a few times I am referring to the non rechargeable batteries and tray.

I didn't have a manual to read so I was exploring. I had no trouble when I did this yesterday and when I put the battery tray back in I got a message that the Newton had restarted because the battery was dead. Actually while the newton was working it showed the batteries to half charged therefore they werent dead.

I imagine this is a programmed response to events where the Newton stops suddenly when there is no power available and then it is repowered. Well I fiddled again today and now it doesnt want to restart.. I have replaced the batteries without any success. Could someone who has knowledgle of or experience with this sort of problem help me to get it going again.

I am awaiting a power adapter and have no other way off powering it up at the moment. Thanks in advance.

Allan Ngaparu
Brisbane, Australia

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