Re: [NTLK] Help? Where did my system RAM go?

From: Woody Smith (
Date: Fri Jul 04 2003 - 09:59:56 PDT

Mine is an upgraded 2000. The system patch that results in ROM Version
2.1 (717260)-1
allowed mine to recognize the upgrade. Is it possible that the 2100 is
not a 2100? If you have both 2000 and 2100 look under the ROM board
and compare. RAM should be soldered in different locations. I'm sure
that folks who know more than I will have thoughts as well.
Woody Smith

On Friday, July 4, 2003, at 11:33 AM, Edward Humes wrote:

>> That seems to be the right ROM version. Have you tried restarting
>> after restoring?
>> Woody Smith
> yes. I also did a second brain wipe to get it back to factory defaults:
> same problem. 912 k system ram.
> is there a different system patch for the 2100 that governs memory
> perhaps (I saw a reference in the archive to 710031) that I
> inadvertently overwrote with my upgraded 2000 files?
> Ed

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