[NTLK] flash card problem

From: Edward Humes (ehumes_at_mac.com)
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 09:00:46 PDT

Today my always reliable 20 mg linear flash card has stopped working on
my UMP 2100.
Here is the order of events:
1. I have my backup and several other files and packages stored on the
card. I did a card backup to bring it up to date.
2. I successfully used this backup to install files on a different
3. when I returned the card to the first newton the card does not
installing correctly.
I get the square box with the newton bulb in it at the top center of
the screen and it just stays there. no card slip, no little window
saying the newton is activating packages on the card. Just the bulb.
4. I tried resetting, removing the card and putting it back it (the
newt warns me to put it back or data could be lost), and putting the
card in the second newton (same problem there).

Some of the files on the card have not been backed up, so I would like
very much to get this card running again.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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