[NTLK] Who the heck is Philz?

From: gmoody_at_gmx.net
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 16:13:42 PDT

Hi Folks,

Okay, Philz was hacking newton hardware and architecture back in the old
days (NOS 1=2E3 and 2=2E0)=2E He developed a number of unique tools to ex=
the internal structure of the docking protocols and memory card maps=2E H=
stated goal was to duplicate the Newton environment so that it would be
cross-platform (i=2Ee=2E another PDA with Newton attributes, NewtonScript,=

soups, etc=2E), as opposed to the GNUton project, which was to develop a
Newton emulator for a desktop=2E

Philz was one of the first truly technical folks to try to dissassemble an=
understand the software guts of the Newton, and was pretty successful at
it=2E If his research can help feed existing developers (Paul and others)=

with needed architectural information so that we, as a community, can have=

new programming and functionality or even a cross-platform Newton software=

base, then $15 is chickenfeed for the upside potential to the Newton
community at large=2E

Just an explanation of who Philz is, and what the potntial *might* be=2E=2E=



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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 14:58:15 -0700
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Don't know the guy, but I'm all for supporting the community, put me down
You know with all the free "tech support" this list gives, or me its reall=
not that much=2E Glad to help=2E The easiest way would be to set up or us=
e a
Paypal acct=2E maybe Paul, if you have one=2E


Woody Smith wrote:

> Paul
> I would offer support I will pledge $15=2E00 toward the purchase of a
> 2100 and SER-001=2E 19 more pledges should get one in the mail=2E
> Woody

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