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From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 11:40:05 PDT

Gerstein, Sam wrote:
> Is this really representative? My impression is that the group that has had
> the interconnect port fail is very much the minority- not to say that it's
> not somewhat fragile, but if handled cautiously it seems to do just fine.
> Of course wrenching the dongle to the side will break the connector off the
> board, but it will do the same to the add-on port (it's true that the dongle
> is larger than the connector on, e.g. the end of the keyboard cable)
> A good argument for the SER-001 is that with it you simply don't need to
> carry the dongle around! One less thing to lose and to hassle with.

Well, it's really for anyone who makes really heavy use of the serial port.
This could potentially include any of:

-developers (use serial port to run debugger)
-Windows users (stuck using NCU/Win and serial connection)
-Heavy keyboard users: I keep and use my keyboard at work. So I plug in the
keyboard every morning and unplug it every evening.

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