Re: [NTLK] Digital Gourmet now freeware/donateware

From: Tony Kan (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 23:49:34 PDT

Please let us know what part of UNNA it ends up. Thanks in advance


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106 Panorama Rd
New Zealand
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I'd seen info some years ago about a recipe program for the Newton from
Teletype. By the time I'd gotten around to purchasing, they no longer
carried it. Not only did they not sell it, but they didn't have any
copies there at all. I really wanted that software. This was about 1.5
years ago, maybe longer. Well, found it on eBay a few days ago. Got what
appears to be the full program with all recipe modules and pdf
documentation. And I've just been given permission to freely distribute
the package. Marleen Winer at TeleType mentioned we could consider
charity donation in lieu of paying for it.

So, Victor, where would you like it? A zip fine? I'll include the email
from Marleen in Outlook email and plain text format.

John M Powell

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