Re: [NTLK] Fund raising: Philz's back on tra.

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 03:37:01 PDT

Hey, I'll donate US$20.00. Also don't forget Victor(listdad) needs to sell
unna cd's! What's the current batch? Any black t-shirts yet?

..BUT if 'Ferdi O.(knowledgenavigator)' donates US$100.00 first to 'Help
the Newton Community' then I'll increase my donation to US$100.00. I've
done this to Paul for his ATA efforts(listed on his -donations page-), I
even paid for a ATA-license after I donated. I agree that 'two' MP2100's
would be prudent, as Paul well knows. Just in case one is 'toast', a
backup unit could be used while the main unit is getting fixed/repaired.

So lets really get this going! The totals looks like two complete sets of
MP2100's and accessories. I wish I could offer some equipment but most are
in use for personal and business needs, besides, with this financial
support I prefer near-new units to be dispatched ASAP.

Sound good?!?
>Hello all,
>I'm looking for someone to organize a fund raising to get and ship to
>Philz a MP2100. He's back on Newton hacking world and he just
>fixgured out how data is stored on linear cards.
>Those who don't know who Philz is, he's one of the first Newton
>hackers of the bowels. He worked a lot on storage and Newton dock

!ooW %-)
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