Re: [NTLK] MusicPad and associated MIDI .

From: Andre Duszynski (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 17:36:02 PDT

Hello Woo,

Ummm, this was about 5 years ago on a MP120; however from memory I think
I managed to figure out the communications side of the device i.e. the
baud rate for MIDI, and its connection to a MIDI breakout box i.e. a Mac
serial MIDI interface. It seemed to do strange things to a synth such as
reset the device - thus demonstrating that it could "talk" at least, but
unfortunately I couldn't figure out MIDI sysex streams properly and how
to implement them as a slider. Thus I guess I have all the variables but
the programming side was a bit rusty - any collaborators; this would
make a fantastic app ? Imagine big fat sliders on the screen, that you
could move with your fingers !!


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