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From: Anthony Velasco (
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 17:06:26 PDT

Thanks for the reminder on Tibet. I recently acquired an Olympus
D-360L and out of curiosity, checked, and found it in the list of
compatible cameras. I tried connecting using the camera's PC serial
connection cable and using the Newton's PC serial cable to dongle to
interconnect port, with a gender changer between the two cables. This
was not successful. I've tried changing preferences by unchecking the
Enroute box, but it asks for SMTP settings...odd, why? I haven't seen a
Mac cable adaptor for this camera on Ebay - does anyone know what I am
doing wrong? TIA.

  Anthony Velasco, USFWS-Ecologist/ecotoxicologist


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 In a previous message, Richard David Turner, SG typed vigorously:

>Does anyone know which cameras are compatible with TIBET? I've only
heard of
>a couple of Nikons, but those were WAY out of my current price range.

Here's the link to information in the FAQ:


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