[NTLK] Newton compatible iPod

From: ADyson (ADyson_at_go.to)
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 07:36:23 PDT

Sorry I missed your note. It didn't seem anyone was interested in this
Maybe it would be wishful thinking for Apple to come out with an iPod with
a colour touch screen running under Newton OSX :-)

I know, will never happen. They're still trying to beat this dead horse to
death. Too bad.

> From: Doctor Clu <drclu_at_swbell.net>
> Subject: [NTLK] Newton compatible iPod

> Not a bad idea eh?
> Well, in truth, the there is not a touch screen on the iPod, the
> is MUCH smaller, much less resolution... the one thing that the iPod DOES
> have that the Newton does not is a HUGE amount of storage.

> > From: "ADyson" <ADyson_at_go.to>
> > Just a thought. How hard would it be for Apple to make a Newton
compatible iPod?
> > I for one would buy one or two.
> >

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