[NTLK] Fund Raiser

From: Woody Smith (woody_at_bitstream.net)
Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 18:55:15 PDT

Hi all
Just wanted to let you know that I received Woo Lee's donation of $100.
  I have not been announcing the arrival of funds because people made
most of their pledges on list. And at this time I have received almost
all of the contributions.
My initial approach to my task was to review all the generous offers
made by list members and compile one very complete 2100 package
suitable for a Newton hacker. In an effort to be frugal with everyones
resources I carefully reviewed all offers and asked to receive only
what was necessary to put this package together. In the same spirit I
also asked those who offered money to only send half.
I have had off list discussions with several folks who have pointed out
that perhaps I am being frugal to a fault. What if he gets the Newton
and its toast, develops jaggies, etc.
To date I have received about $190, I say about because PayPal takes a
cut of some forms of payment (I presume chargecard).
I truly don't expect Woo's challenge to be met and am close to what's
needed to buy an additional 2100 from J&K sales and pay shipping. I am
going to proceed with that plan.
If any of you feel that you gave less than you wanted to, I would like
to raise another few dollars, to help with shipping. I don't want to
put Filip in a position where he has to pay taxes on our gifts I will
need to ship several packages. So I will need to raise another $50.00
Please note my address if you are mailing anything I apparently typed
it incorrectly a few times. I received one parcel with the wrong
address (aren't regular mail carriers great). I did review my sent
mail and contacted those that I noticed.

Thank you

Woody Smith
2125 Como Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108

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