[NTLK] emate flex cable (what is it?)

From: PCBman (pcbman_at_ix.netcom.com)
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 03:47:24 PDT

A number of you have emailed me with the following question:

What is an emate flex cable?

Just so I am not writing a bazzillion replies, I will give the answer here.

The emate flex cable is the flexible ribbon cable that connects the main board to the display and allows the signals to negotiate the hinge area. A common problem has been the destruction of one or more traces on this cable by a faulty hinge spring.

Because of the difficulty in obtaining this part, some enterprising individuals have come up with some ingeneous ways of repairing them. Note: this is not an easy task and requires a high skill level. Some cables are irrepairable.

As a PCB Designer, I was able to create the files neccessary for fabrication of this cable. That is the easy part. The hard part has been getting enough interest to make this project viable. The up-front tooling costs are significant and this has been the number one reason why I have not done this earlier.

It's not comming up with the money that's the problem, it's justifying the amount. I don't wish to be left with hundreds of cables.

So, please email me if you want one or more.

Once I place the order, leadtime is 4 weeks but I haven't got enough requests to make me comfortable with placing the order yet.


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