[NTLK] AppleTalk and OSX works

From: Glen Swanson (glen_at_swanson.dk)
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 22:01:40 PDT

After some considerable fiddling with every conceivable configuration I was
finally able to slap myself on the forehead and get the connection to work.
This revelation came from a post to the Newtontalk posting this morning
which I quickly read, deleted and then realized it was the solution I was

To recap, for the life of me I was unable to launch NCU in OS10.2.6 and
connect through my airport card. Each time I received a message warning me
that AppleTalk was not activated ( which it was).

What I finally realized was that in my OS network preferences I needed to
drag the Airport preference to the top of the list of configurations to
ensure that airport launched first. With this in place, I right.

Many thanks to whoever sent that post referring to the necessity of
prioritising the configuration list in OSX.


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