Re: [NTLK] newton with a disk drive?

From: Sasa Radojcic (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 08:03:01 PDT

>I've never seen this in any faq: Has anyone ever been
>able to connect a floppy disk drive to a newton (or
>any other PDA for that matter)?
A few years ago I owned an HP 200LX, wonderful machine, by the way.
It was then possible to buy an adapter to attach a floppy drive to
it. It was also possible to buy another adapter to attach a parallel
port and through it other parallel-port devices, like
parallel-port-floppy's and harddisk's as well!. From what I recal
reading in a magazine users have been quite fond of these adapter
(but they weren't really cheap 8-( , otherwise I would have bought
them myself.)



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