[NTLK] Programming the "Names" soup

From: Nowhere Man (nowhereman77_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 23:27:15 PDT

I'm writing a NewtonScript app (OS 1.3 on my MP 100) and I want to add
some entries to the built in Names database. I can add the entries to
the Names soup with no problem and the records show up in the Names
app, but when in overview mode the names _dont_ show up in the list.
the entries are sorted properly and the phone numbers show up correctly
in the right column, just no names. when i open an individual record in
"all info" mode, the name is displayed correctly, just not in the
overview. i have also noticed that when i say "show card" (they all
have card style 0) the names appear _below_ the header line in plain
text on my entries while they are bolded and above the header line for
a manually entered person.

any ideas? do i need to do more than just add the entries to the
"Names" soup?

thanks for any help....

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