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Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 09:02:25 PDT

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> Hi Everybody-
> My oldest son is leaving for college in about 4 weeks, and I want to
> upgrade a spare MP2000 I have to an MP2100. Are those ram upgrades
> still available? Dr. Newton did one for me a few years ago. Doctor, are
> you out there? If some of you knowledgeable people could respond to me
> and the list and let us all know if and where someone can send their
> MP2000 for an upgrade these days, it would be appreciated.
> I'm mostly a lurker, but been on the list since Sean was list mom. You
> guys are great, and I have to give my appreciation for being such a
> great Newton resource. The active people on this list have truly
> extended the usefulness of Newton for many years now, and hopefully for
> many years to come.

I think that your best bet is to check on eBay for a 2100 motherboard from
J&K. I've got one a couple of weeks ago for $40 and was the only bidder,
that is if you can swap the motherboards yourself. If not, I've also seen on
eBay 2100 upgrade, where you send your 2000 and they replace the mobo
themselves and return basically a 2100 to you.


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