[NTLK] thinking of selling my 2100

From: eric engle (engleerica_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 06:46:43 PDT

I have a newton 2100, with pc cable (dongle attached).
Also have a dongle (in case you want to use a mac or
keyboard). The backlight is strong. The screen has one
ding and two hairline scratches which I honestly do
not notice. I can include a 2 mb flashcard. Unit still
has the plastic flash card guards and door cover and
original "titanium" pen. Unit is in English.
I can also include a really nice Asera 4 in 1 PDA pen
(black pen, red pen, pencil, and PDA pen tip) with a
sweet metal grip - definitely an engineers tool with
pen case. Batteries are perfectly fine, recharge in 5

I can also include *4* different cd roms with just
about _every software that was made for the newton and
PC/Mac prior to about 2001!

This is an original 2100 not an upgrade. It runs under
nos 2.1

Note that the unit does not have the following:
1) Keyboard. I have a keyboard but really don't want
to sell it.
2) AC power supply. I have one, but really don't want
to sell it.
3) Dongle destroyer - I don't have one, the unit's
connector port works just fine
4) Audio dongle - I don't have one
5) Accellerator board - they do exist I don't have one

As to software, I can load this with whatever you want
prior to shipping it to you! For example a French
localisation kit, a German localisation kit. You tell
me your needs, I'll tell you what freeware there is,
if there isn't I'll at least load you up with 30 day
demo versions.

What can a newton 2100 do?
* Voice recording. You want to make a voice note, its
in the palm of your hand.
* Read books aloud to you - unit includes a voice
* Word processing: NewtWorks includes a word processor
which you can export as .RTF (readable by M/S word)
*Internet/Email: You can also use this for internet
browsing and even as a web server. There are several
internet browsers and telnet like programs for the

The only down side to this unit is that I really don't
want to sell the ac adaptor. Ac adaptors can be had on
ebay for around 25 dollars/euros.

If its so good why am I selling it?
Well, its several megs of ram, a couple hundred mhz,
huge screen. Really the newt is a tablet PC. I'm
selling because I need the cash, its that simple. I
also have a semens pocket reader, an olivetti davinci,
and an aiptek pen camera which I would be willing to

Why am I not selling it on E-Bay?
List has been nice to me and want to make sure newt
goes to a good home and not some pound.

Basically if anyone is interested please contact me
engleerica_at_yahoo.com off list. Some of what I have
may interest you or not at all so I think its better
to negotiate since. I'd obviously prefer to sell this
as a unit, but am willing to split bits if needed.

I'm also willing to make you any newton book you want
from any public domain work available on the internet!

Anyway I live in Germany though I'm willing to ship

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