Re: [NTLK] how do you carry your newton?

From: eric a. Farris (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 05:16:02 PDT

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 09:50:12AM +0200, suppaman wrote:
> Hi,
> i find it difficult to carry my newton with me fot its size and I am worried
> about scratching it, what do you guys use to carry around your newton?

I bought the CEO case from MarWare way back when i bought my MP2K. An
elegant and extremely usable case -- my Newton has never been out of it,
except to swap the MP2K out for a 2100. I do occasionally get ribbed
about my "manpurse" but, once they see the glorious goodness of what's
inside, they're converted. :) I have the burgundy one, as i recall just
a few weeks after i bought it they announced they were shipping it in
black, which i would have preferred. Over the years it's aged quite
well, and it still has that nice leather smell. :)

Marware is at
but sadly it doesn't look like they carry the CEO for the Newton
anymore. You can read a short review of the CEO for the Newton (with
several pics) on The Gadgeteer:

eric a. Farris
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