[NTLK] More programming questions

From: Michael Burks (dumbstart_at_satx.rr.com)
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 13:01:56 PDT

            Thanks for everyone's help with my programming questions, with
every answer I move on to more and more questions. And now for the next
question . . . whenever I open a window on top of other windows, it seems to
leave blank spots when I close the window. I try calling Dirty() to redraw
the windows, but it doesn't seem to want to clean anything up. Here's the
situation that I'm stuck at, I've added a aux item to the i menu, it opens a
protoFloatNGo that contains the top five scores for the game. When both the
i menu and the protoFloatNGo are closed it leaves the windows borders clear
instead of black. I'm tried calling Dirty() on each window, the entire
window, and now I'm out of ideas, is there anyone who could help?



p.s. You can check out my attempts at easy Newton games at

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